Re: URI for TriX?

Hi Jeremy

While we're on the trix subject, a while ago I remember seeing a
non-xml version of trix (called tris or something). 

Is this also a proposed standard? - I need a way of adding context to
ntriples (or some similarly easy to parse format) so that my web
editor can determine from which store various assertions came. XML
proved to be a little bit slow/overkill for parsing small amounts of
serialized rdf in javascript.

Many thanks,


Jeremy Carroll writes:
 > Hi Dan
 > can we have a bit of W3C web space for the TriX work please?
 > We would use it for storing DTDs, XML and RDF Schemas etc. perhaps with an 
 > overview page pointing to some of the relevant discussion threads in SWIG 
 > and the working threads in www-archive
 > If yes, please give me write permission, and ideally Patrick as well 
 > (although he doesn't yet have a W3C CVS account). Also, it would be good to 
 > know the URI by April 1, since we need to provide final copy of some 
 > material which will include it.
 > Jeremy


Received on Thursday, 25 March 2004 08:55:42 UTC