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                  SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS

            Second International Conference on
Knowledge Economy and Development of Science and Technology
      ¡°Knowledge Economy meets Science and Technology¡±
                       (KEST 2004)

                    Beijing, China
                September 17-20, 2004

                       ORGANIZED BY
  Institute of Comp. Tech., Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
              Institute of Knowledge Economy, Tokyo

                       SPONSORED BY    
                China Computer Federation
        National Natural Science Foundation of China

                    IN COOPERATION WITH
           IEEE Computer Society Beijing Center

    The Second International Conference on Knowledge Economy 
and Development of Science and Technology (KEST 2004) will be 
held in Beijing, China, on September 17 through 20, 2004. 
The conference brings together researchers from academy and 
industry, software developers, policy-makers, and businessmen, 
offering them invaluable occasions of meetings to exchange research 
achievements and share thoughts related to the upcoming Knowledge 
Society and Economy. The conference consists of the following five
parallel tracks. 

* Nicola Guarino (National Research Council of Italy): 
    Helping people understanding each other (and recognizing 
    their disagreements): the role of formal ontology
* Douglas Lenat (Cycorp): 
    Progress in Cyc
* Ruqian Lu (Chinese Academy of Sciences): 
    Some advanced issues in knowledge science
* Riichiro Mizoguchi (Osaka University): 
    e-Learning, semantic web and ontology
* Lotfi Zadeh (University of California): 
    World knowledge and its basic role in Web intelligence

Track 1: Fundamental Issues in Knowledge Science
* Basic Issues in Knowledge Design
* Basic Models and Issues in Knowledge Management
* Formal Ontologies
* Knowledge Analysis
* Mathematical Theory of Knowledge
* Philosophy and Knowledge
* Principles of Knowledge Representation

Track 2: Content Engineering
* Commonsense Knowledge Acquisition
* Content Management and Maintenance
* Content Metadata Standards and Interoperability
* Engineering Ontologies
* Multimedia Content Acquisition
* Knowledge Acquisition from Text
* Knowledge Discovery in Database
* Ontology Learning
* Technologies for Information and Knowledge Design

Track 3: Human-Computer/Web Interaction
* Analysis and Design Methods
* Non-verbal Interfaces
* Speech and Natural Language Interfaces
* Knowledge Visualization
* Virtual Reality in Education, Training and Entertainment
* Universal Web Accessibility

Track 4: People and E-Services in the 21st Century
* Digital Library
* E-Learning
* E-Services for Disabled People
* Information and Knowledge Services
* Mobile Services
* Service Development Methods and Tools

Track 5: Knowledge Economy and IT Technologies
* Basic Issues in Knowledge Economy
* Advanced IT Technologies for Agriculture, Culture, Environment 
  Protection, Finance, Government, Hospital and Healthcare, Law, 
  Sports, Tourism, Trade, Transportation, etc.
* Intellectual Property and Knowledge Economy
* Knowledge Economy in Developing Countries

    Submissions of substantial, original and previously unpublished 
work are invited in all areas related to the themes of the five tracks. 
The strongly preferred submission method for papers is to use the 
conference management tool Paperdyne. Only PDF and MS Word files will 
be accepted. If electronic submission is not possible for the authors, 
hardcopy submissions may also be made. Each hardcopy submission should 
contain four copies of the paper and should be sent by postal mail to 
one of the KEST04 Program Committee Co-chairs.
    Papers must be written in English. Submissions must not exceed 8 
pages for regular papers or 4 pages for short papers. Each paper should 
be accompanied by a title page, including the title of the paper, and 
author's information (including names, affiliations, postal addresses 
and E-mail addresses), an abstract of less than 200 words, 3-5 keywords, 
and the title of the track. The length of the final camera-ready papers 
will be limited to 8 pages for regular papers or 4 pages for short papers. 
We strongly suggest that you prepare your manuscript in the style required 
by Tsinghua University Press (See
    KEST04 will not accept any paper which at the time of submission is 
under review for, or has already been formally published or accepted for 
publication in a journal, book or another conference. Authors should not 
submit their papers elsewhere during the review period. These policies 
only apply to journals, books and conferences and not to informal meetings 
with limited audiences.

    All papers will be reviewed by the KEST 2004 Program Committee for 
significance, originality, accuracy, and clarity. Papers accepted for 
presentation will appear in the conference proceedings co-published by 
Springer Press and Tsinghua University Press, which will be available to
delegates at the conference site. At least one author of each paper must
register for the conference with payment to make the paper included in
the conference program and proceedings.
    Best papers will be selected by the Advisory Committee and Program 
Committee, and the authors are invited to extend their papers for an 
international journal.

    Deadline for paper submission                     May 15, 2004
    Notification of acceptance of papers              June 15, 2004
    Receipt of final papers and early registrations   July 1, 2004

Guojie Li, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS (China)
Jingde Cheng, Saitama University (Japan)

Co-chair: Bo Zhang, Tsinghua University (China)
Co-chair: Yahiko Kambayashi, Kyoto University (Japan)

Jianping Fan, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS (China)
Daniel Dubois, University of Liege (Belgium)
Marion Hagler, Mississippi State University (USA)
Ruqian Lu, Institute of Mathematics, CAS (China)
Riichiro Mizoguchi, Osaka University (Japan)
Zhongzhi Shi, China Computer Federation (China)
Kazuo Ushijima, Kyushu Sangyo University (Japan)
Yoneo Yano, Tokushima University (Japan)
Lotfi Zadeh, University of California, Berkeley (USA)


Prof. Dr. Cungen Cao
Institute of Computing Technology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing 100080  China
Phone. +86 10 6256 3814(O)

Prof. Dr. Qun Jin
Department of Human Informatics and Cognitive Sciences
School of Human Sciences
Waseda University
2-579-15 Mikajima, Tokorozawa-shi
Saitama 359-1192  Japan
Phone. +81 42 947 6906 (O)

Jian Chen, Tsinghua University (China)
Jingde Cheng, Saitama University (Japan)
Zixue Cheng, University of Aizu (Japan)
Michael Cohen, University of Aizu (Japan)
Jianwu Dang, Japan Advanced Institute of Sci. and Tec.(Japan)
Wen Gao, Graduate School, CAS (China)
Volker Gruhn, University of Leipzig (Germany)
Udo Hahn, Freiburg University(Germany)
Nicola Guarino, National Research Council (Italy)
Khairuddin Hashim, Tun Abdul Razak University (Malaysia)
Atsuo Hazeyama, Tokyo Gakugei University (Japan)
Randy Hinrichs, Microsoft (USA)
Keiichi Koyanagi, Waseda University (Japan)
Ming Lei, Peking University (China)
Douglas Lenat, Cycorp (USA)
Guojie Li, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS (China)
Jie Li, University of Tsukuba (Japan)
Mingshu Li, Institute of Software, CAS (China)
Qing Li, City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Fangzhen Lin, Hong Kong University of Sci. and Tec.(Hong Kong)
Shaoying Liu, Hosei University (Japan)
Zhiyong Liu, National Natural Science Foundation (China)
Jianhua Ma, Hosei University (Japan)
Shaoping Ma, Tsinghua University (China)
Shoji Nishimura, Waseda University (Japan)
Hiroaki Ogata, Tokushima University (Japan)
Timothy K. Shih, Tamkang University (Taiwan)
Joerg Siekmann, DFKI (Germany)
Yuefei Sui, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS (China)
Tieniu Tan, Institute of Automation, CAS (China)
Lorna Uden, Staffordshire University, UK
Jari Veijalainen, University of Jyvaskyla (Finland)
Liyan Wang, Beijing University (China)
Xin Wang, University of Southern California (USA)
Daming Wei, University of Aizu (Japan)
Yanyun Zhao, Renmin University of China (China)
Nan Zhang, Hiroshima Shudo University (Japan)
Zaiyue Zhang, East China Shipbuilding University (China)
Neng-Fa Zhou, City University of New York (USA)

Dr. Xiaoli Yue
Institute of Computing Technology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing 100080, China
Fax. +86 10 62563814

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