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n3/n-triples syntax question Sandro Hawke (Friday, 30 November)

Re: DAML+RDFS: potentials for simplifications? Wolfram Conen (Thursday, 29 November)

Namespaces wihtout "#" Was: Few CWM Bugs Tim Berners-Lee (Saturday, 24 November)

Web Ontology Reasoning in the SHOQ(Dn) Description Logic Jeff Z. Pan (Friday, 23 November)

SCI2002: Call for Papers by way of (Friday, 23 November)

Triples from DAML Charlie Abela (Friday, 23 November)

RDF vs. Topic Maps/XTM? Jens Jakob Andersen, PDI (Thursday, 22 November)

use of rdf for meta-data based data capture Dmitri Colebatch (Thursday, 22 November)

Cutting the Patrician datatype knot Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 21 November)

CFP - Electronic Publishing - ElPub2002 Ana Alice Baptista (Wednesday, 21 November)

Domain/Range: conjuntion or disjuntion?? tarod@softhome.net (Wednesday, 21 November)

ODBC driver for RDF? Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 21 November)

DAML+OIL and the nested element conundrum Uche Ogbuji (Wednesday, 21 November)

DAML parsing/querying Charlie Abela (Thursday, 1 November)

Fwd: RDF Graham Klyne (Tuesday, 20 November)

RDFCore Update: rdfms-equivalent-representations and aboutEach Brian McBride (Monday, 19 November)

[www-rdf-interest] <none> tarod@softhome.net (Monday, 19 November)

IEEE Data Mining 2001: Final Call for Participation by way of (Monday, 19 November)

RDF web site irn bru (Monday, 19 November)

ISWC 2002 First Call for Papers and for Tutorials by way of (Monday, 19 November)

Latest release of ICS-FORTH RDFSuite by way of (Monday, 19 November)

logical and mnemonic model of reoccurrence Greg FitzPatrick (Monday, 19 November)

Prolog RDF Web descriptor prlbrs (Monday, 19 November)

RQL v1.0 download by way of (Monday, 19 November)

RQL v1.0 download Greg Karvounarakis (Monday, 19 November)

CFP: ekaw-02 ASUN Gómez-Pérez (Friday, 16 November)

RDFS bug "A property can have at most one range property" tarod@softhome.net (Friday, 16 November)

naming properties and classes in RDF Libby Miller (Friday, 16 November)

<rdf:RDF> tags Danny Ayers (Thursday, 15 November)

[Paper:] Logical Interpretations of RDFS - A Compatibility Guide Wolfram Conen (Thursday, 15 November)

Second Call for Papers: IEEE Special Issue Multimedia Content Description (Multimedia Annotation)  Siegfried Handschuh (Wednesday, 14 November)

Announce: RDFAuthor with querying Damian Steer (Tuesday, 13 November)

UML/XMI and semantic web oliver fodor (Tuesday, 13 November)

Latest release of ICS-FORTH RDFSuite Vassilis Christophides (Monday, 12 November)

RDFCore update Brian McBride (Monday, 12 November)

ANNOUNCE: Beta 2 release of RDF Gateway Geoff Chappell (Monday, 12 November)

SemWeb future ? Jens Jakob Andersen, PDI (Monday, 12 November)

any pre-existing rdf schema to describe primitive data types? Y.Lei@open.ac.uk (Friday, 9 November)

Fwd: logical and mnemonic model of reoccurrence Ralph R. Swick (Friday, 9 November)

RDF statements' equivalence. Dan Pokorny (Thursday, 8 November)

SV: property inference rule Jens Jakob Andersen, PDI (Tuesday, 6 November)

property inference rule Nikita Ogievetsky (Monday, 5 November)

RDFCore Update Brian McBride (Monday, 5 November)

Deciding what to use as the fourth element of the quad Seth Russell (Friday, 2 November)

[www-rdf-interest] <none> tarod@softhome.net (Friday, 2 November)

[www-rdf-interest] <none> tarod@softhome.net (Friday, 2 November)

Seeking more RDF/Triple store data Art Barstow (Thursday, 1 November)

Lazy Software Smith Neil (Newton) (Thursday, 1 November)

ANNOUNCE: W3C Web Ontology (WebOnt) Working Group Dan Connolly (Thursday, 1 November)

Intro to RDFS Mark Birbeck (Thursday, 1 November)

Trying to understand valid RDF [long] Ian Stuart (Thursday, 1 November)

Appology for SPAM [was: Re: a new way of thinking about RDF and RDF Schema] Brian McBride (Thursday, 1 November)

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