Re: RDF vs. Topic Maps/XTM?

* Jens Jakob Andersen
| As I grow more and more knowledged (and thus realize that I know
| less and less, which is good), I understand that Topic Maps/XTM and
| RDF has a lot in common.

Indeed they do. It's a bit difficult to work out exactly how much,
however, since the terminology used by the two, and the way of
thinking are rather different.
| What I would like to see, is that ISO and W3C go together, and kinda
| agreed on the XML Schema for implementing the different theories, so
| that we at least got a common and interchangeable implementation
| syntax, whether it was used for ISO Topic Maps or RDF Semantic Web
| use.

There is ongoing work in this area, although nothing definite or
official has come of it yet. It would be good if it could be done, but
I'm not sure if it can be. There are some things that may turn out to
be stumbling blocks, and it's non-trivial to work out what to do about

--Lars M.

Received on Friday, 23 November 2001 11:05:29 UTC