Re: use of rdf for meta-data based data capture

hey again...

note this is not me being impatient... just thought I'd add some
info... we're going to need to query the captured info, and the more I
read, the more I think that this area (query) is what is the least
developed of rdf...  am I right in that thought?  I suppose also tied to
that is the issue of persisting captured statements... (to query)...


On Thu, 22 Nov 2001, Dmitri Colebatch wrote:

> hey list,
> firstly... archives at dont seem to be working atm, so if this has
> already been discussed, sorry (o:  a pointer to relevant threads would be
> great.
> I've just been given a requirement for a client program to collect
> structured data from users based on a meta-data set from the server
> indicating what data was required and so on (basically html, but for a
> rich client).
> I'm thinking that especially for the data coming back from the client, it
> would be a prime candidate for rdf... something along the lines of:
> "Dmitri Colebatch's" "answer" to the question "How old are you" in the
> form "User personal information" is "26"
> I've put in quotes what I see as the RDF descriptions.  I should say that
> I have only read about rdf, and not used it as yet, but am quite
> comfortable with the whole meta-data model.
> I suppose what I am asking is (a) Is this an appropriate use of RDF, and 
> (b) Are there any projects already doing this?
> cheers, and thanks for any help
> dim

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