Re: naming properties and classes in RDF

> <_:1> <foaf:research_interest> <_:2>
> <_:2> <rdf:type> <foaf:Research_interest>

Oh, heh: I get it now. This is a bit concerning, in that people like
to name their ranges after the property name. :person and :Person,
:name and :Name. We had quite a discussion about this on SWAG a while
ago, when we were disucssing using nouns for properties.

It'd be cool to define a sub property of range that is unambiguous:-

   :unamRange a daml:UnambiguousProperty;
      rdfs:subPropertyOf rdfs:range .

then you could do stuff like:-

   _:a [ :unamRange foaf:Research_interest ] _:b .

but then you'd end up with throwaway classes.

I conclude that it doesn't actually matter to have classes named after
properties or vice versa, as long as everything is properly stated.
For example, there is a property in EARL ("testSubject") that is named
after its *domain* rather than its range. No one seems to have had a
problem with that as of yet :-)

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Sean B. Palmer
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Received on Friday, 16 November 2001 12:20:57 UTC