RE: UML/XMI and semantic web

Yannis Kalfoglou wrote (in reply to Oliver Fodor):
> > [...] it is still unclear to me whether it is  
> > possible/feasible to use UML as modelling language for onthologies
> check:
> Vol-23/cranefield-ijcai99-iii.pdf
> for using UML as an ontology modelling language

Thanks for the citation Yannis.  A shorter URL for the same paper is

Also, here is a more recent paper following on from the one above:
(This discusses generating an RDF schema and Java classes from an
ontology in UML in order to support the serialisation of knowledge
modelled as a UML object diagram).

This work uses UML in its own right as an ontology representation
language.  Another approach is to use UML as a graphical notation
for DAML+OIL.  The following two Web sites discuss projects taking
this approach:

- Stephen

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