Re: UML/XMI and semantic web

In the utility domain UML has been pretty extensively used for defining
abstact schema which are then converted to RDF schema.  I maintain some web
pages with links about this [1,2].  There are various standards bodies and
discussion groups involved.

We convert these UML models to (extended) RDF schema using a tool [3].
Unfortunately, the full detail of the UML/RDFS mapping is not documented
properly yet.  But the main points are to be found in a related OMG
specification [4] (section 8.2).

I personally don't find UML as flexible as an RDF-based ontology. I would
suggest that the basic problem is that UML makes classes first class
citizens but not properties (associations/attributes). However, it is well
accepted and has a graphical representation that people like.


Arnold deVos
Langdale Consultants

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Subject: UML/XMI and semantic web

> Hi!
> I'm evaluating XML-based technologies for a tool providing
> on the data level between different systems in the tourism domain.
> Naturally the question of building ontologies has came up. Observing the
> research in this area it is still unclear to me whether it is
> possible/feasible to use UML as modelling language for onthologies and
> XMI in order to provide a machine readable form? Please give me some
pros -
> contras, considering UML/XMI and let's say OIL based modelling. I'd also
> welcome some related URLs.
> Thanks!
> oliver

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