Re: ODBC driver for RDF?

As Geoff mentioned,

Our product, RDF Gateway [1] also does something like this for Windows. One
of the nicer features for
ASP programmers is it exposes it's RDF data through an ADO provider. This
make writing ASP webpages
backed by RDF Gateway as simple as:

var conn = new ActiveXObject("ADODB.Connection");

//find out how many users trust each site
var rs = conn.Execute("select ?site ?count using main where {[itdns:trusts]
?user ?site} and ?count=count(?user) order by ?count desc numeric");
while (!rs.EOF)
   var strSite = rs("site").value.substr(1);
   var strCount = rs("count").value.substr(1);
   Response.Write("<li><span class='site'>[" + strCount + "] <a
href=pages/resource_view.asp?resource="+Server.URLEncode(strSite)+">" +
strSite + "</a></span>");

A block of code that will look very familiar to asp programmers.

RDF Gateway also has a concept of views which let a developer present rdf
data as a standard database table. This lets us easily interact with tools
like Crystal Reports that expect tables of data.

-Aaron Michal
Intellidimension,. Inc.


Received on Wednesday, 21 November 2001 15:41:15 UTC