Re: ODBC driver for RDF?

EOR, the database for Dublin Core, has addressed this mapping.


Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN wrote:

> On Wed, 2001-11-21 at 06:25, Sandro Hawke wrote:
> >      SQL      RDF
> >      ===      ===
> >      table    Class
> >      column   Property
> >      row      object ("Resource")
> Does not look very RDFish to me...
> The only general purpose RDF-into-DB schema I can imagine is a
> Subject/Predicate/Object table...
> Ok, some people will need more "natural" views of the data, but then you
> could use Views, rather than Tables, like the one above.
> And may be some additionnal columns may be useful, like a StatementID of
> RDFSource column, when the DB gathers statements from different
> sources...
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