Re: SemWeb future ?

> There is an excellent article written in 98 by Robin Cover which describes
> your experience that XML really is mainly a syntax, and lacks any way of
> specifying semantics for machines to process. See:

I also discuss some of this matter in my Thinking XML series:

Installment 6, which has gone to production and should appear in a week or so, 
explores the use of Wordnet to enable features at the linguistic level of 

> Like you, I am unaware of any example applications which make serious use of
> the semantic capabilities of  DAML or RDF in "real life projects". Of
> course, it depends on what you mean by real life projects. This has been the
> subject of some debate on another discussion list at Yahoo.  You  might wish
> to check this out starting with the following link:

Actually, our last few projects at Fourthought are indeed making serious use 
of semantic capabilities of RDF, and now DAML in real life projects.  We're 
still feeling through what we can disclose, but I certainly hope and expect to 
have some success stories that can be used to validate some of the claims 
we've all made for RDF.

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