Re: property inference rule

Dear Andrey, Wolfram and Jens Jakob,

Thanks for your answers, they are very helpful and interesting!
RuleML is very impressive, Jess and SWI-Prolog based RDF Schema explorer are absolutely cool!
I am glad now that I slightly misformulated my question :-)

Actually, I originally started pondering over a sort of "orthogonal reification".
(sorry for using this "r" word here, could not find any better :-))
Lets say I have a property "niece"
I wanted to be able to use RDF means to represent the fact that 

s1 - {niece} - o1

can be expanded to:

s1 - {sibling - o/s - daughter} - o1

RuleML, Jess and SWI-Prolog seam to introduce their own semantics on the top of RDF.

I was seeking for ways  to express this rather basic fact using bare RDF(S)/DAML syntax.
My starting point was that if it is (arguably) possible to reify {s-p-o} triple as a resource, 
why shouldn't it be possible for {p-o/s-p} ?

(More appropriately, perhaps, the subject of my message should have been "property reification rule")

Thanks again,


Received on Tuesday, 6 November 2001 10:04:43 UTC