RE: <rdf:RDF> tags

PS. Got the serialisation I was after :

xmlDoc.documentElement = xmlDoc.createNode(1, "rdf:RDF",

doc saved starts with :

<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="" ...

but I'm still curious about the meaning of "RDF"...

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>Subject: <rdf:RDF> tags
>I'm a little confused here, perhaps someone can help. In M&S it
>appears that
><rdf:RDF> is intended to delimit the stuff that will be part of an RDF
>model, though is optional - this it seems a bit loose. Does RDF signify an
>rdf container? i.e. what exactly is RDF in the rdf namespace?
>In addition, probably I'm forgetting something about NSs/DOM here, but
>How does this :
><rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="" ...>
>Compare to this :
><RDF xmlns="" ...>
>This has come up because I've been playing around with MSXML, and I haven't
>(yet) found a way of generating a doc root that will serialise as <foo:bar>
>I've had a good look around, but it's only added to my own
>rdf-ns-prefix-confusion ;-)
>Danny Ayers
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