RE: Trying to understand valid RDF [long]

>         <my:field
> 	   my:name = "issn"
>            my:content="0001-3072" />

Dan, Ian,

This does, of course, result in a a subgraph
that perhaps is workable, but only to applications
which understand the 'my:content' semantics.

Such a treatment precludes the use of generic
tools which may be looking for either unqualified
literal property values, or qualified values 
where the value content is defined via the
generic rdf:value property.

Perhaps the following would be a bit more "generic":

  <my:field my:name="issn" rdf:value="0001-3072"/>

This provides the 'my:name' specific qualification while
keeping the actual content organized according to
generic RDF constructs and semantics, which might
be a bit more flexible over the long run.




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