Re: Namespaces wihtout "#" Was: Few CWM Bugs

Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> Not a chance in hell.  It is simply impossible to transfer a resource --
> would be like trying to transfer the notion of love or brilliance or
> You can only identify the notion or transfer representations of that

That's interesting -- do you claim that there are no resources that can be
transmitted directly over a network?  What about a resource like "the
sequence of bits 01101011"?  If you put those bits in a packet, are you
transmitting the resource or a representation?  If I recreate these bits
on my client, do I now have your resource, or just another resource that
happens to have an equal value?  In other words, what is the identity of a
sequence of bits?

These questions may seem pedantic, and I'll grant that we very rarely care
to talk about such primitive resources directly, but I think they get at
the heart of the distinction between a resource and its representation.

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