Second Call for Papers: IEEE Special Issue Multimedia Content Description (Multimedia Annotation)

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
Special Issue on Conceptual and Dynamical Aspects of Multimedia Content 

--- Call for Papers ---
"Multimedia content description spans a wide range of abstraction levels: 
At one end, it can be used to describe the low level (perceptual) features 
of the content. These include features such as color, texture, shape and 
motion. At the other end (e.g., high level of abstraction), it can be used 
to provide conceptual information of the real-world being captured by the 
content. In between, intermediate levels of description can provide models 
that link low-level features with semantic concepts. In addition, because 
of the importance of the temporal nature of multimedia and sensitivity of 
multimedia concepts to context, dynamic aspects of content description need 
to be considered. This special issue is dedicated toward the conceptual as 
well as dynamical aspects of content description. Its major goal is to 
publish state of the art research results for multimedia content 
description, including automated reasoning, processing, and updating 
distributed content descriptions. It is very timely with the recent 
developments in the context of the upcoming standards, MPEG-7 andMPEG-21 as 
well as recent Semantic Web initiative."

The topics of interests include but not limited to:
 Recent developments in semantic description of content in MPEG-7
 Recent developments in semantic web and DAML
 Semantic interoperability
 Multimedia semantic classification
 Dynamic update and context sensitivity
 Distributed intelligent agents
 Pervasive media computing
 Knowledge representation
 Semantic applications
 Semantic Annotation

To submit a paper to this special issue, authors should follow the 
instructions in the Information for Authors on the back cover of a recent 
issue of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 
(CSVT). Prospective authors should submit the pdf file electronically along 
with six (6) copies of the complete manuscript, according to the following 
schedule to any of the Guest Editors listed below

Important Dates:

Deadline for Manuscript Submission: January 15, 2002
Notification of Acceptance: July 31, 2002
Final Accepted Manuscripts Due: September 1, 2002
Publication Date: December 2002

Guest Editors:
Ali Tabatabai,
Sethuraman Panchanathan,
Siegfried Handschuh,
John R. Smith,
Hiroshi Yasuda,

Received on Wednesday, 14 November 2001 18:06:19 UTC