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From: <tarod@softhome.net>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 14:20:04 GMT
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  That's the purpose of RDFSchema, isn't it???

  You have an specific vocabulary (class, property, range, domain, etc...)
to define the model. Then you will write an instance of this model. But I
don't know if name is the real name of a person or the name of his pet,
it's just a property name with the domain person and the range string.

  When I found a resource with the property name I will look if the
resource is the type Person, and then I will look for the value of the
property and if this value is of the type string. If not, the instance is
incorrect. I won't try to guess anything about my model, I will not perform
inference on my data, the model is not correct and that's it.

  If I want to use inference I will use more complex models (DAML or
anything else, I don't know)

      - Marc

Peter Crowther writes:

> [Off-list]
> > From: tarod@softhome.net [mailto:tarod@softhome.net]
> > in RDF there is no meaning!!!!!!!!! we only have 
> > I want to know if the sentences are correct!!!!!!!!
> How does any automated system that processes RDFS test correctness without
> assigning some kind of (at least logical) meaning to the sentences?
> 		- Peter
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