Re: n3/n-triples syntax question

[Sean B. Palmer]

> There are plenty of different ways that one could approach the task,
> with varying levels of readability and processing to ensure that the
> labels remain consistent with the input, but the only real conditions
> are:-
> * Do not merge nodes that do not have the same label (in the document)
> * Do not merge any nodes in different documents, no matter what the
> label
> Both rules are a collorary to the fact that bNodes are scoped to the
> document (input) in question.

Now that's interesting in view of the topic map approach.  Topic maps have
some rules that allow merging of topics, even when maps are merged.  There
is also a mechanism that can prevent merging accross maps if one sees fit.
Basically, if two topics are known to represent the same "subject" they
would be mergedONe way that can be known - in topic maps - is if they share
the same name (read "label") and the shared names also share the same set of

In RDF, suppose you could know that two nodes in two graphs represented one
and the same resource.  Would it not be allowable, even desirable, to merge
them?  If not, why not?


Tom P

Received on Friday, 30 November 2001 23:31:09 UTC