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"If the Semantic Web were ever going to fail..."

2nd Call for Papers - Semantic Web Workshop 2001 at WWW10

[Announcement] libwww 5.3.2 released (fwd)

ANN: 4Suite 0.10.0

ANN: 4Suite Server 0.10.0

Annoucement: RDF-Parser and Online-Demo

ANNOUNCE: RDF::Service 0.04

ANNOUNCE: Xpetal UML to RDF Tool

Announcement - updates and mailing list for Squish

Announcement: OilEd Ontology Editor


Announcement: Squish RDF Query Release

Call for Book Proposals in Knowledge and Information Management

Comparison between RDF and TopicMap

Containers in RDF

Contexts and statements, reification and model

data smushing

digest for this list?

Electric Power Industry Begins Interoperability Testing of RDF Application

generic XML to RDF triple mapping

Help! RDF & HTML Compatibility

How is the range of an rdf:object specified in rdfs ?

How/Why to implement Reification efficiently...

HyperText Topology in RDF

I have a trouble with The RDF Model

IEEE P1484.12 in RDF?

Improve your stepfamily life

Industrial user community of RDF?

Information re: Email Marketing Report

Is <Description> redundant?

Klyne Contexts: 3. Statements sets in RDF

Literal ID's

Meta Data input tools

Modelling a stating

More On the Semantic Web (or: is RDF any good?)

One-page tutorial on RDF

Oops: Re: Help! RDF & HTML Compatibility

OS. Software

Paradox and Contexts

Parsing and Containers

Parsing Containers

poll: a graph is a set of statements

Poll: RDF Use Cases

Putting context in RDF serialization

Querying reified statements

RCDL2001 (Russia): call for papers

RDF article on IBM developerWorks (XML zone)

RDF Concepts Reference

RDF Schema for Locations

RDF Terminologicus

RDFm section 4.1 ambiguity

RDFS bug "A property can have at most one range property"

Reificarion poll

Screen Scraping SW Logic from XHTML

Semantic Hypertext Systems?

Semantic Web Hackings

Statements/Reified statements

Statements/Stating: a proposition

Stating vs. Quoting

summary of 'a triple is not unique' and 'statements/reified' statements

Support aux Antivirus (English version at the end)

The Mire 'twixt Documents And Data

Towards a final consensus re statements & statings

urispace in a more rdf-centric syntax

Using (Hyper)RDF In Valid XHTML

where can i find a list of sites that use rdf?

Why OIL is cooler?

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