Re: where can i find a list of sites that use rdf?

Sven Magnus <> wrote:

>> I believe you mean RSS files
> Okay, thanks, I'll check it out... I don't know if I mean RSS or RDF, I mean
> files that look like this :
> (looks to me it's an rdf, but I could be wrong...)

Nope that's RSS. I know, it's very weird, but that's how it goes...

However, it uses RDF which explains part of the confusion (all formats which
use RDF generally have a rdf:RDF element at the top). Generally, you can
tell the format by looking at the value of the xmlns attribute. For example,
RSS 1.0 looks like this:


I don't know why the 0.9 namespace isn't as clear.

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Received on Saturday, 23 December 2000 20:15:27 UTC