Re: Industrial user community of RDF?

Hi Deiter,

RDF has been adopted in the US electric power industry for exchanging power
system models between system operators.  (See for some pointers.)   The industry
body (NERC) requires utilities to use RDF together with schema called EPRI

Last week some of the software vendors in the industry (including most major
vendors) met in Orlando and performed interoperability testing. The tests
involved generating, exchanging and interpreting RDF models.    I will
forward the press release about this to anyone who is interested.

Arnold deVos
Langdale Consultants

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Subject: Industrial user community of RDF?

> To whom who can answer the question,
> in my projects with B2B industry I propose them the
> use of RDF instead of plain XML DTDs. However, a
> critical question is always on the actual industrial
> user community of RDF. Is there a survey available
> on large players that make actually use of RDF?
> My only example I can always provide is Netscape
> and more such examples would be quite helpful.
> Notice, I am not asking for companies developing
> tools for RDF but rather for industrial players that
> use RDF.
> Thanks for any help,
> Dieter Fensel
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