Electric Power Industry Begins Interoperability Testing of RDF Application


I mentioned the application of RDF in the electric power on the interest
group a short time ago and a few people asked for more information and a
pointer to the press release (sorry about any repetition):

On December 18-19 in Orlando, Florida, several software vendors serving the
electric utility industry met  to test the capability of their software
products to exchange and correctly interpret power system model data in RDF
form.  RDF has been selected by the US power industry body, NERC, for
exchange of power system models between transmission system operators.  Such
power system models are used in the real-time operation of the US power

I have uploaded the press release about this event to
http://www.langdale.com.au/CIMXML/PressRelease.zip (and a crude HTML
facsimile which might be more convenient is at

Pointers to more information about this RDF application can be
found at http://www.langdale.com.au/CIMXML/

I hope people find this information useful.
Arnold deVos
Langdale Consultants

Received on Wednesday, 27 December 2000 06:29:12 UTC