Re: Putting context in RDF serialization

SR> Applications of the semantic web are going to be aggregating
SR> different sources of RDF.  Categorizing information (time,
SR> geography, trust, topic etc. ) will also be collected in the
SR> process of reading RDF statements. Our applications will
SR> need some method to easily express this type of information
SR> *in RDF*.

Maybe this was one of the intended use of the rdf:aboutEachPrefix.
A kind of (with proper ontologies... expressing trusts about
<rdf:Description aboutEachPrefix="#"
    <s1:contextFor rdf:resource="http://la-bas/"/>
    <s2:context rdf:resource="http://ici/"/>

SR> However, RDF has already defined the perfect container for our
SR> purpose ... the RDF element itself. So I propose the following
SR> extension to RDF XML serialization for contexts

I view the RDF element as a transport unit (between agents...). Don't
we all use model-like containers for also anyother classification and
not only transport. Using <RDF> is very strict.

Didier Villevalois

Received on Friday, 15 December 2000 14:03:48 UTC