Re: ANN: 4Suite Server 0.10.0

> Fourthought, Inc. ( announces the release of
>                           4Suite Server 0.10.0
>                       ----------------------------
>          An open source XML data server based on open standards
>                implemented using 4Suite and other tools
> 4Suite Server is a platform for handling XML processing needs in
> application development.  It is an XML data repository with a
> rules-based engine.  It supports DOM access, XSLT transformation, XPath
> and RDF-based indexing and query, XLink resolution and many other XML
> services.  It also supports other related services such as distributed
> transactions, and access control lists.  It supports remote,
> cross-platform and cross-language access through CORBA and other request
> protocols to be added shortly.

I wanted to note that I think there are a few cool uses of RDF in 
4SuiteServer.  For one thing, you can register document types which include a 
simple but pretty powerful mechanism for translating XPath query results into 
the RDF model.  It also supports users in general, permitting access-control 
lists for RDF statements.  Of course, there's also the ability to process RDF 
Inference Language (RIL) requests for server-side processing.

Speaking of RIL, we're turning some attention towards finishing up and 
polishing this.


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Received on Friday, 1 December 2000 15:58:56 UTC