Announcement: Squish RDF Query Release

Squish - complex RDF queries in Java
version 0.3 

Squish is demonstration software written in Java for making complex
queries of RDF on top of Java RDF APIs such as Jena[1] and the Stanford
RDF API[2]. 

The SQL-like query language it uses is similar in some aspects to that
used by R.V. Guha's rdfDB [3], and allows you to make complex queries of
RDF models instead of navigating incrementally around them.

Squish also uses the JDBC API to make RDF querying easier over RDF
stored in SQL databases (Postgres) or in in-memory models.

An alpha release and demonstration is available from

The distribution includes the Java servlet runner Tomcat[4], and
sample JSPs for querying RDF databases using JDBC, including a
JSP which allows you to generate and display RSS 1.0 channels.

This implementation is intended to demonstrate the possibilities of this
approach, and is only appropriate for extremely small scale
use. Comments are very welcome.

Libby Miller


Received on Thursday, 7 December 2000 12:06:38 UTC