Poll: RDF Use Cases

>>>>> "McB" == McBride, Brian <bwm@hplb.hpl.hp.com> writes:
McB> So what are you're favourite use cases for RDF?

McB> I'll kick off with two:

McB> o Flexible metadata storage.  We have projects
McB>   here with a need to store large amounts of meta
McB>   data, but we can't predict in advance what that
McB>   meta data will be.  The stuff we need to store
McB>   changes over time, and we don't want to go
McB>   updating a database schema each time it does.
McB>   RDF looks good for this.

 In our project (the EC funded Ist project UNIVERSAL
 http://nm.wu-wien.ac.at/universal/metadata.html) we use metadata in
 exactly the way you describe it here.  We develop an "internet
 brokerage platform" for the pan-European exchange of "learning
 resources". The idea is to develop a B2B platform for higher
 education institutions to exchange learning material in a flexible
 manner. The range of learning material is very wide and open ended:
 it reaches from ppt-slides and printable materials, over interactive
 web-applications for training to recorded multi-media presentations
 (e.g. 15 minutes presentation) and synchronous video-conferences,
 where people in class rooms meet regularly via video-conference. All
 these learning materials have drastically different meta-data and

 Per definition, we want to be open for unforseeable new kind of
 learning resources, therefore we choose RDF....


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