ANN: 4Suite 0.10.0

Fourthought, Inc. ( announces the release of

                             4Suite 0.10.2
   Open source tools for standards-based XML, DOM, XPath, XSLT, RDF
       XPointer, XLink and object-database development in Python


4Suite is a collection of Python tools for XML processing and object
database management.  An integrated packaging of several formerly
separately-distributed components: 4DOM, 4XPath and 4XSLT, 4RDF, 4ODS,
4XPointer, 4XLink and DbDOM.


  * RDF: Added a driver based on shelve (DB/DBM)
  * ODS: Added a driver based on anydbm
  * Fix format-number support and implement in C
  * Improve Unicode and other encoding support
  * Documentation updates
  * Many misc optimizations
  * Many misc bug-fixes

More info and Obtaining 4Suite

Please see

From where you can download source, Windows and Linux binaries.

4Suite is distributed under a license similar to that of the
Apache Web Server.

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