Announcement: OilEd Ontology Editor

OilEd is a simple ontology editor developed by Sean Bechhofer at the
University of Manchester. OilEd allows the user to:

* build ontologies;

* use the FaCT reasoner to check the consistency of ontologies and add
  implicit subClassOf relations;

* export ontologies in a number of formats including both OIL-RDF and

For further details and information about OIL, consult the OIL Home Page:

The intention behind OilEd is to provide a simple, freeware editor
that demonstrates the use of, and stimulates interest in, OIL. OilEd
is not intended as a full ontology development environment - it will
not actively support the development of large-scale ontologies, the
migration and integration of ontologies, versioning, argumentation and
many other activities that are involved in ontology
construction. Rather, it is the "NotePad" of ontology editors,
offering just enough functionality to allow users to build ontologies
and to demonstrate how the FaCT reasoner can be used to check and
enrich ontologies.

OilEd is available as freeware, but we ask that you provide us with
some details before downloading. This will allow us to keep track of
who is using it and why.  OilEd will not be fully supported or
maintained although we will try and fix major problems or bugs.

You can download the installer for OilEd from:

To get the full benefit from OilEd, you will also need to have the
CORBA-FaCT reasoner installed:


The development of OilEd was supported by the University of
Manchester, the Free University of Amsterdam and Interprice GmbH.

OilEd uses Robert Kosara's Bonfire parser generator and the JGL
collection libraries from Objectspace.

Received on Monday, 4 December 2000 11:57:49 UTC