Re: How/Why to implement Reification efficiently...

Seth Russell wrote:
> Ora Lassila wrote:
> > Although the RDF M+S "allows" this, it is in fact illegal to write an
> > "aboutEach" construct anywhere except on the top level inside the
> > rdf:RDF element. Parsers should report an error.
> >
> > So you may ask, "why is this illegal". Here's my explanation: the said
> > "aboutEach" construct does not result in a single node as its "value"
> > (when "evaluated"), and hence causes problems when the parser attempts
> > to build a graph.
> Well I don't know about parsers, but I didn't have any problems building a
> mentograph of this :))

My parser [1] doesn't have a problem with this, too.
Try "E8" and enable "Visualize with GraphViz".

But as Ora said, this shall be deemed to be wrong. 
If there is no complain, I will fix it in the
next release.


[1] http://zoe.mathematik.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE/RDF/parser.html

Received on Friday, 1 December 2000 07:07:39 UTC