Re: Towards a final consensus re statements & statings

> For our research, could somebody provide the exact quoting from
> M&S where that is explicitly stated or implied?

4.1 para 4:

    A model of a statement is called a reified

4.1 para 6:

    A new resource with the above four properties
    represents the original statement...


    The resource with these four properties is not
    a replacement for the original statement, it is
    a model of the statement.

Section 5, statement 9:

   Reification of a triple {pred, sub, obj} of
   Statements is an element r of Resources
   representing the reified triple ...

Can someone point out where m&s suggets or implies
that a reified statement represents a stating?

Brian McBride

Received on Tuesday, 5 December 2000 11:23:38 UTC