Re: RDF Terminologicus

It's getting close to xmas now and I'm not sure that much can be
accomplished in the next few weeks. But maybe in the new year, this
is something we can address in a more controlled fashion, by spawning
some threads on the list or whatnot. I understand there is an XML
DevCon or something like it happening in London in Jan/Feb (I don't
have the details to hand). If anyone on the list or the wg is going,
I suggest a BOF. It would be great to go into the new year on common

I will be giving an "Introduction to RDF" talk there (Feb 22nd). The
powerpoint from the prior talk I gave at XML DevCon San Jose is at (note: I mentioned 'reification' only to say
that its not something for an introductory talk :-))

- -Bill de hÓra

Received on Thursday, 21 December 2000 14:25:14 UTC