RE: where can i find a list of sites that use rdf?

>Sven Magnus <> wrote:

>> I'm building a site, where I'm using rdf-files to display the headlines
>> some other sites. (freshmeat, slashdot, ...)
>> where can I find a list of other sites that publish an rdf-file
>> url's and titles of headlines? I don't only need the links to the sites,
>> also the exact URL to the rdf-files. is there a way to search sites like
>> this?

>I believe you mean RSS files, and a short list (with some links) is at:


>Hope this helps,

Okay, thanks, I'll check it out... I don't know if I mean RSS or RDF, I mean
files that look like this :
(looks to me it's an rdf, but I could be wrong...)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="" 
<title>PDA Buzz</title>
<description>News, Reviews, Discussion, and more</description>
<title>PDA Buzz</title>
<title>Palm earnings up, stock gets hammered</title>
<title>SmartMedia Springboard for Visors</title>
<title>Compaq iPaq holds Guinness World Record</title>
<title>Toshiba plans a Pocket PC PDA for next year</title>
<title>REX 6000 shipments delayed until 2001</title>
<title>Glenayre @ctiveLink now available without bundle</title>
<title>PDAGeek reviews WordSmith for Palm</title>

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