Re: Towards a final consensus re statements & statings

Jonas Liljegren wrote:
> Who are going to tell us what the consensus is on this?

Actually, I think the first step to the consensus is about reified statement modelling Statements or Statings.
Although the position "reified statements are Statements" used to bother me, it does not anymore since there are very natural way of modelling Statings without introducing any new construct (Stating, Contex, or whatever) :

>   st1: [Ora, creator, page]
>   st2: [st1, saidBy, Ralph]
>   st3: [st1, saidAt, 01/12/99]
>   st4: [st1, saidBy, Pierre-Antoine]
>   st5: [st1, saidAt, 01/12/00]

Only once we all agree that reified statements are Statements rather than Statings, will we be able to discuss about a normative way of modelling statings... if necessary, which I'm not sure.


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