Statements/Stating: a proposition

I'm still bothered with the Statement/Stating debate.
I read the specs a (n+1)th time, and start being convinced by the "reified statements are unique".

Still, I think modelling statings is a very important issue.
So here is a proposition :
 [Bush won Election]
be a statement reified with id st1.
Any stating of st1 has an associated statement like

 [X stated st1] (st2)


 [st1 ist Context1] (st3)

Those (unique) statements are models of the statings,
and can be used that way

  [st2 at 12/3/2000]
  [st2 in foo.rdf]
  [st3 at 12/4/2000]
  [st3 in bar.rdf]

Quite satisfying to me. Hoping this could reach a consensus...


PS : unique statements still raise the problem of unification.
(unlike Sergey, I do not think that statements may not be given any local URI)
But anyway, not only statements may be pointed to by more than one URI...

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Received on Monday, 4 December 2000 11:13:13 UTC