Re: data smushing

Ken MacLeod writes:

 > So instead of ever extending the RDF tuple:
 >   {predicate, subject, object, source}
 > One uses reification to further describe a statement:
 >   {predicate, subject, object}   ; original statement
 >   {'source', {predicate, subject, object}, source}

I'm talking about doing this on the side of the information consumer,
not the information producer.  If the producer wants to identify
information from various sources, she might choose to face the horrors
of reification; if the consumer wants to track the origin of
information, a more expressive model will be necessary.

The rest of my elaborated model has nothing to do with tracking
sources or reification -- it simply represents what an RDF processor
actually has to track, but the spec doesn't tell you about.

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David Megginson       

Received on Sunday, 31 December 2000 14:43:56 UTC