Re: Statements/Stating: a proposition

"Jonathan Borden" <> writes:

> Jonas Liljegren wrote:
> >  S1: [Bush, won, the election]
> >  S2: [S1, isTrue, yes]
> >  S3: [S2, model, http://foo]
> >  S4: [S2, model, http://bar]
> Perhaps we can agree on the following simple modification:
>     S4: [http://foo, _1, S2]
>     S5: [http://bar, _1, S2]
> to denote membership (containment) of a statement in a model/context.

Yes.  I will (probably) in Wraf infere [S2, model, http://foo] from
[http://foo, _1, S2].  The use of the model property is my invented
shematic sugar for the unofficial statement bag representation.

... But I don't know if we came to any consensus about that either.
For now we just have those Description bags the M&S talks about.  But
that's not enough and not even very useful except for recreation of
the XML serialization.

/ Jonas Liljegren

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Received on Thursday, 21 December 2000 15:30:32 UTC