Annoucement: RDF-Parser and Online-Demo

 Dear all,

 As part of the recently announced XOTcl version

 we developed and improved our RDF parser substantially (references to
 our previous version are e.g. on The aim of
 the new implementation is to provide a very flexible means for
 integration in different contexts through the use of high level
 object oriented concepts such as design patterns. The new version of
 the parser is much more complete (we have a growing list of test
 exercises in our regression test) and is much faster.

 On the applications page of you can find
 an on-line demo for the parser.  

 The parser is part of the XOTcl distribution, which is available in
 source, and in binary form for Linux (tar.gz or .rpm) and Windows
 (.zip) platforms.

 Also included in the distribution is demo application of the RDF
 parser called UNIVERSAL.xotcl, which was developed as a prototype for
 the ongoing IST project UNIVERSAL (some about universal is on The aim of the
 project is to develop a B2B platform for the exchange of learning
 resources between higher education institutions. The prototype demo
 application is a specialized Web-Server, that parses an RDF file
 describing (potentially heterogenous) learning resources into
 triples, presents key information in a catalog, and presents the
 detailed information in the form of nested HTML-tables. The program
 is about 250 lines of code.  A version of the prototype version is
 online reachable on the page mentioned above.

 Kind regards

 -gustaf neumann
  uwe zdun

Received on Monday, 4 December 2000 11:16:05 UTC