RE: Statements/Stating: a proposition

> "McBride, Brian" wrote:
> > I really don't understand why folks are so reluctant
> > to accept that statements and their occurrences are
> > two different concepts and need different resources
> > to model them.  What is the big deal?
> I do not know any people on the list reluctant to consider 
> that, even me as you suggest :)

Oops.  Sorry Pierre-Antoine.  I did not mean to be rude.
Dashed a response off too quickly.

> I think we all agree that Statements and Statings are 
> different things, and must be represented by different 
> resources.

Yup - me being wrongheaded.

> The problem is: RDF M&S only provides one 
> representation (the reified statement) without explicitely 
> stating which one (from the Statement or the Stating) it represents...
> <flame shield> I know that some of us think that it *is* 
> explicit enough, but anyway there is a debate </flame shield>
> > Pierre-Antoine's proposal uses a reified statement to
> > represent both a statement and a stating.  My concern
> > is that this can lead to contradictions.
> Yes, but *not* the Stating of the *same* Statement !

You are right.  But fundamentally a resource is still representing
two different things, so a contradiction is possible.  All
that is needed is a property that is true of one and not the other.

My example was too simple, but was trying to make the point more
clearly.  And failed :(  

>  [Pierre-Antoine said [Bush won Election]]
> is a statement (I said something), but also a stating (of the 
> statement "Bush won the Election").

So let S be [Bush, won, the election] and RS a reified statement
representing it.  Let S occur in http://foo.

Let T be [RS, occursIn, http://foo] and RT a
refied statement representing it.  T occurs in http://bar.

If I understand you correctly:

RT represents both the statement T and the occurrence of S
in http://foo.  Have I got that right yet?  

Is [RT, occursIn, http://bar] true?  
It is true of the statement T, but not of the stating of S.


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