RDF Concepts Reference

I have been working on an RDF/XML parser for Redland, the RDF system
that I created, and while doing that I created some reference notes
that other people dealing with the syntax might find useful.

I needed to know what were all the "rdf:" and "rdfs:" things that a
parser could expect to find in the syntax, as defined in RDF and
RDFS, and what to do with them.  I collected this information and
have now made it available as a document:

  RDF Concepts Reference

I also loaded the rdfs data (read only) into the Redland RDF demo
to help check this stuff.  It is quite easy to do, just select the
links from

This work showed me some things I found interesting -

   Container concepts match two grammar productions (we already knew this)

   Container concepts have a rdf:type but that was only defined in
   RDF Schema as rdfs:Class.  RDF M&S just said: "resource and not property"

   rdf:li is just syntax, and has no defined meaning as an attribute

   rdf:value is not defined in the formal grammar or formal model

   RDFS schema contains extra not-needed rdf:type statements [please
   ignore statement/statings issue here]

   rdfs:ConstraintProperty is the only class that is a subclass of
   two other classes.  Why?

   many concepts have no defined meaning as attributes in the syntax


Received on Tuesday, 12 December 2000 12:22:45 UTC