Re: Help! RDF & HTML Compatibility

On 23 Dec 2000, Jonas Liljegren wrote:

> Alberto Ruiz Cristina <> writes:
> > How can I manage to include the RDF section in my web pages, if RDF is
> > XML and conventional browsers don`t support XML documents?
> HTML browsers ignore unknown XML tags.  RDF allows you to put all
> information inside the tags instead of having some of it between the
> tags.  That means that the RDF section will have no effect on the
> rendering of the HTML page.

Yes, the love-it-or-loathe-it syntactic flexibility of RDF stems in
large part from this issue. We needed to have a way of writing RDF
assertions within documents that would be fed to old style HTML
rendering engines, and not have chunks of RDF data spew out into the
human oriented view of the document. Hence the ability to write the same
thing either in attribute form (<Doc author="dan"/>) or element form
(<Doc><author>dan</author></Doc)). Since XML has funny constraints on
the use of attributes (they're not repeatable), we end up with more than one
way of XMLising the same RDF data graph. 


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