Re: poll: a graph is a set of statements

"McBride, Brian" wrote:

> Can I take a quick poll of RDF implementations.
> Which implementations implement graphs (aka models)
> as sets of statements (i.e. a graph may contain a
> statement only once) and which implement graphs as
> bags (i.e. a graph may contain a statement more
> than once).

I think I understand your "a graph" (aka "a model")  is what
I call "a context".  <sigh>Too bad we can't all use the same
terms</sigh>   In MyMemory then, whether it is a set or a
multiset is dependent on the method that picks statements
out of the context .. so any running process would have its
choice.  From another point of view, if I were looking only
at triples, and if I managed to navigate to a triple in some
context,  how I would ask if this was the only triple here,
is not something that I've though about.  Should I care?

But put me down as a bag.

Seth Russell

Received on Friday, 15 December 2000 09:18:40 UTC