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A forms-lite straw man

A possibility to bind XMLSchema to <instance> element, not only to <model>. What do you think?

Feed back on 1.0: Meaning of incremental attribute

Feedback for XForms 1.1: message action

Feedback on 1.0/1.1: Meaning of action elements in repeated content

Feedback on 1.0: Behavior of nodesets when inserting or deleting nodes

Feedback on 1.0: Error on user interface controls

Feedback on 1.1: Case element content model and attributes

Feedback on 1.1: Determining the case of a switch

Feedback on 1.1: instance src attribute broken

Feedback on 1.1: make submission attribute optional on submit and send elements

Feedback on 1.1: parse-error, xforms-submit-error, and xforms-link-exception

Fixing xforms-refresh

FYI: application/www-form-urlencoded

IBM Position Statement on XForms and Web Forms 2.0

instance submission

multiple datatypes on a single bound node

multiple instance/model submission

Nested repeat and xf:delete question ...

Notice of publication of errata for XForms 1.0 Second Edition

Presentation on XQuery and XForms

some technical thoughts about incremental improvements to forms

tone of discussion regarding XForms/WF2

XForms + Web Forms 2.0 = WICD

XForms 1.0 Second Edition Errata Document Updates

XForms and Web Forms 2.0

XForms and XML international markup



XHTML and MIME (was: IBM Position Statement on XForms and Web Forms 2.0)

xsd -> xhtml

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