RE: Feedback on 1.1: Case element content model and attributes

In this case, we should define the behaviour in cases such as having the ref
pointing to a non-existant node or a non-relevant node. Then, if the user
toggles to that case or selected is "true", what is the behaviour?
I think this relates to the previous posts about having selected as a
boolean xpath expression or allowing AVT for the selected attribute. I think
we must clarify wchich direction are we taking in these issues and solve all
the implications before adding anything to the standard.
Rafael Benito


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John Boyer
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Asunto: Feedback on 1.1: Case element content model and attributes

The case element is meant to be "like a group" that can be selected by a

For consistency, then, the case element should be allowed to have an
optional single-node binding, and its content model should include UICommon.

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