Re: Feedback on 1.1: Case element content model and attributes

Rafael Benito wrote:
> In this case, we should define the behaviour in cases such as having the 
> ref pointing to a non-existant node or a non-relevant node. Then, if the 
> user toggles to that case or selected is "true", what is the behaviour?

That's a good point. If I understand well, xforms:case was introduced to 
provide an alternative to model-based switching. If we introduce 
xforms:case/@ref, then xforms:case starts having a hybrid and possibly 
quite confusing behavior. For this reason I think that it would be best 
to leave xforms:case as it is, without @ref attribute. You can always 
nest xforms:group within xforms:case if needed.


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Received on Monday, 18 September 2006 13:15:27 UTC