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2002-02-25#19, Fragment identifiers, words for the primer

2002-03-22 #rdfcore telecon - raw irc log

[ratholes, reification, risk] poison-URIref testcases

a few questions about literals

A very short list of residual datatyping issues (just one ;-)

ACTION 2002-03-15#2

actions now on f2f page

Agenda for RDFCore WG Telecon 2002-03-08

Agenda for RDFCore WG Telecon 2002-03-15

Agenda for RDFCore WG Telecon 2002-03-22

another observer

apologies for April 5 teleconference

application/rdf+xml Media Type Registration [DRAFT]

archiving local-drafts (www-archive reminder)

Changes to rdfms-empty-property-elements tests

charmod literal


charmod-uri: Proposed question

Clarification of I18N issues (was RE: Weekly Call for Agenda Items)

completion of action 2002-01-11#2

Datatyping issue, too many options?

Datatyping XML Examples

dataypes still lack XML examples [was: Agenda ...]

Fragment identifier use case (was 2002-02-25#19, Fragment identif iers, words for the primer)

Fwd: Actions/Decisions from RDFCore WG Telecon 2002-03-22

Fwd: Re: Schedule: datatypes document plan

Fwd: Re[2]: Summary: Section 2: What does a URI identify?

help wanted: RDF issue rdfms-assertion

IRIs as node labels (proposals and counterproposals)

lang and safe sex

Last Call: draft-w3c-rdfcore-rdfxml-mediatype-00 ready to submit?

Literal notation for NTriples

Minutes for 2002-03-08 RDF Core Telecon (draft)

Minutes of F2F

Monadic predicates and disjointness of properties and classes

More on datatypes: additional use-case

motivation for bNodes/existentials in RDF; note for parsers

nested bag id's response

NFC and RDF Security consideration

not-id-and-resource-attr test cases

Notes from RDFCore/I18N meeting

NTriples proposed changes summary

Open eBook Forum XPackage published

possible way out of maze? [was: Re: xml:lang [was Re: Outstan ding Issues ]]

Primer: new version

Primer: slight revision

Proposed Dates for June face to face meeting

Proposed NTriples changes for literal notation

RDF & enveloping of XML structures

RDF & XML Literals: Intro

RDF C14N Comments

RDF C14N Inclusive or Exclusive

RDF C14N InclusiveNamespaces

RDF C14N Max or Min

RDF C14N XML Literal Equality

RDF Primer WD published

RDF Test Cases updates

RDF XML Canonicalization Intro

rdf-schema encoding

RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised) 2002-03-25 Published

RDF/XML Syntax Working Draft updates after comments

RDF/XML Syntax Working Draft: Reviewers wanted

RDF/XML's legal status (was: application/rdf+xml ...)

rdfms-fragments decision

rdfms-nested-bagIDs test cases

rdfms-xmllang - text for a note

rdfs:Literal not rdfs:subClassOf rdfs:Resource


regrets, tomorrow's telecon

reminder: no telecon this week

review comments on rdf-syntax-grammar (version of 25 Mar)

revised datatyping proposal, now twopence colored

schedule to last call?

Schedule: datatypes document plan

simplified datatyping proposal

Telecon draft minutes: 2002-03-15

Test case permissions bug

test cases for Issue rdfms-xml-literal-namespaces

TEST: entailment test cases

Trying to make sense of range and drange

Unasserted triples, Contexts and things that go bump in the night.

Updated NTriples / RDF Test Cases editors draft

updated schedule to last call

Updating RDF Schema spec.

URI escaping in RDF M&S

WebOnt WD: Requirements for a Web Ontology Language

Weekly Call for Agenda Items

Weekly call for agenda items - I18N

Weekly call for agenda items - xml literal

XML Base

XML Base and XML Infoset

XML Base relative URI resolution tests

xml literal (was RE: Weekly Call for Agenda Items)

xml literal and xslt

xml literal and xslt (resend)

xml:lang + DC

xml:lang [was Re: Outstanding Issues ]

xml:lang and safe sex

xmlbase -ve to +ve

xmlbase error1

xmlbase testcases

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