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Telecon draft minutes: 2002-03-15

From: Jan Grant <Jan.Grant@bristol.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 12:58:32 +0000 (GMT)
To: RDFCore Working Group <w3c-rdfcore-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.4.44.0203181128350.14560-100000@mail.ilrt.bris.ac.uk>
RDFCore WG minutes for the telecon 2002-03-15


Roll call -


   - Dave Beckett
   - Jeremey Carroll
   - Ron Daniel
   - Mike Dean
   - Jos De Roo
   - Jan Grant (scribe)
   - Pat Hayes
   - Martin Horner
   - Graham Klyne
   - Frank Manola
   - Brian McBride (chair)
   - Eric Miller
   - Patrick Stickler
   - Aaron Swartz

(Mark Butler also present from HP labs as an observer of W3 telecon best
practice :-)

   Dan Brickley, Dan Connolly, Sergei Melnik, Steve Petschulat

   Frank Boumphrey, Bill dehOra, Rael Dornfest,
   Yoshiyuki Kitahara, Michael Kopchenov, Kwon Hyung-Jin,
   Ora Lassila, Satoshi Nakamura, Pierre Richard, Guha

Review agenda -

   Eric tabled AOB (to discuss move of irc service, see below)

Next telecon -

   Same time, 10am Boston time, 22 March 2002 (NOT 29th as in agenda)

Last week's minutes -

Confirm status of completed actions -

Item 8: June F2F

   The next F2F will be in June, 17/18th in Bristol (UK). Venue to be
   negotiated between ILRT and HP.

Item 9: Status of primer WD

   After a brief diversion on the semantics of "publish"...
   APPROVED (no dissent): the WG approved the publishing of the current
   primer as a working draft.

   ACTION 2002-03-15#1 (em) to drive this process.

   ACTION 2002-03-15#2 (frankm) to sign up to rdf-comment mailing list
    (address to which feedback will be solicited)

Item 10: Open E-Book forum

   Patrick Stickler gave some more information about Open E-Book; in
   particular, that they are going to be using RDF as the basis for
   their packaging format; they're currently looking at using RDF for
   their core metadata encoding.

   Pat S' email about the packaging format:
   And more information:

Item 11: XML Base test cases

   The initial proposal was to approve these, as per modifications here:

   DaveB and Jos both indicated that test017 and error001 were still
   unclear. (But test017 wasn't crucial to this case)

   APPROVED: the WG accepted tests 1-16.

   ACTION 2002-03-15#3 (jang) update test cases to reflect approval
    (this action applies to the approval of items 12 and 13 too)

   ACTION 2002-03-15#4 (bwm) arrange resolution of test017 and error001

Item 12: Issue rdfms-not-id-and-resource-attr

   Review test cases at

   DaveB and Jos both said these looked OK.
   APPROVED (no dissent): the WG accepts these test cases.

   ACTION 2002-03-15#3 (jang) update test cases to reflect approval

Item 13: Issue rdfms-nested-bagID

   Review test cases at:

   DaveB: (IIRC) these were OK; Jos: happy too.
   APPROVED (no dissent): the WG approves these test cases.

   ACTION 2002-03-15#3 (jang) update test cases to reflect approval

Item 14: Updated n-triples notation for literals


   Jos indicated that his N3/ntriples parser was having trouble with the
   DaveB indicated that he'd rather move on and then come back to revise
   the syntax if necessary; was eager for progress.
   APPROVED: the WG approved Dave's suggestion.

   ACTION 2002-03-15#5 (daveb) to go ahead with current format, to use
	with any new fancy literals in test cases

Item 15: Datatypes

   Jeremy indicated that I18N people were somewhat divided on the
   language/locale issue; they're all looking for guidance, however.
   PatH indicated that if the only DTing mechanism was a constraint
   on lexical forms, there would be "howls of protest" (including his).
   There was some agreement with this.
   Brian asked if there were compelling use cases to establish the
   need for a better mechanism.

   ACTION 2002-03-15#6 (pat h) to integrate Pat S' XML examples into
	his document

   ACTION 2002-03-15#7 (pat h) remove references to octal, different
	language representations

   Discussion of Jeremy's entailment to be taken to email.

Item 16: Contexts, quoting, unasserted triples

   PatH: the "next" language (OWL) has problems layering on top of
   RDF. We could vastly alleviate these problems by allowing collections
   of triples to exist as part of a graph, but not asserted.
   That is, to stick them in some sort of "contextual bubble".
   Discussion followed on reasons to do this.

   ACTION 2002-03-15#8 (pat h) write up this simple proposal in email

   FrankM also insisted that we show strong willingness to work with
   people to resolve this; the emphasis on "work with" - ie, sit down
   and talk in detail about it.

   ACTION 2002-03-15#8 (bwm) to figure out a way to get webont knowing
	that we want to cooperate
	[action quoted verbatim from transcript]

Item 17: Issue rdfms-xml-literal-namespaces

   The discussion was based around the following set of proposals:

   - the exact form of the string value corresponding to any given XML
     Literal within RDF/XML is implementation dependent.

   - the string value is well-balanced XML

   - taking the exclusive canonicalization of both the original XML
     Literal in its containing document, and the string value of the
     literal produce the same character string.  This will be used as
     the basis for test cases.

   - the canonicalization above is without comments
   Jeremy stressed that CONFORMANCE should be tested without comments;
   dropping comments was NOT mandatory.

   - this issue is closed

   - to raise a comment on the XQuery/XPath 2.0 data model that it
     does not adequately address the handling of namespace prefixes
     appearing in attribute values.

   There was no disagreement to this set of proposals.

   ACTION 2002-03-15#9 (jeremy) raise a comment on xquery/xpath about
	corner case on behalf of rdfcore

The meeting was cut short due to a lack of time, but the WG discussed
Eric's AOB.

AOB: Move rdfcore discussion to W3C server.

   Eric outlined that the W3C server would serve just as well and would
   permit the delegation of some administrivia to Zakim, the new bridge.

   Thus: starting next week, the IRC meeting point for rdfcore will
   be #rdfcore at irc.w3.org, port 6665 [NB: not the default port!]

   DaveB will continue to provide logs of discussion.
   #rdfig will remain on openprojects.net

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