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Agenda for RDFCore WG Telecon 2002-03-22

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Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 19:29:57 GMT
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10:00:00 Fri Mar 22 2002 in America/New York

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15:00:00 Fri Mar 22 2002 in Europe/London

Phone: +1-617-761-6200 (Zakim)#7332
irc: irc.w3.org:6665  ***NEW*** #rdfcore

1: Allocate scribe

2: Roll Call

3: Welcome guest Andy Seaborne


4: Review Agenda

5: Next telecon 10am Boston time, 05 Aprr 2002

6: Review Minutes of 2002-03-15 telecon with correctoins


7: Confirm Status of Completed Actions

ACTION: 2002-03-15#2  FrankM
to sign up to rdf-comment 


ACTION: 2002-03-15#4  bwm
arrange resolution of (xml:base) test017 and error001

ACTION: 2002-03-15#7 DaveB
n-triples: go ahead with current format, to use with any new fancy literals in test cases


ACTION: 2002-03-15#10 PatH
Write up simple dark triples proposal


8: Status of Primer WD
2002-03-15#1  EricM  drive publication process for primer WD

9: Syntax WD
Propose authorize publication of new WD


10: XML Base Test Cases
  o keep the test cases that reflect critical RDFCore decisions

  o remove the other test cases, but ask for a definitive ruling from the xml base folks.

11: Datatypes
The only outstanding issue against datatypes at present (did I really say that?) is the whether we need rdfs:dlex.  For discussion and decision.


12: Dark Triples
The need for this, and the timing, should be on the agenda for the next swcg telecon.  Early indications from the chairs of WEBONT are that that this issue may go away and that they do not feel that a solution is needed in the next set of RDF specs to go to rec.

The chairs need a briefing from WG members also in WEBONT on their assessment of the current situation and recommendations on the process for resolving it.

13: Internationalization
Propose the WG:

  o resolves that the string components of literals should be in UNICODE normal form C

  o resolves that the string component of literals SHOULD conform to the appropriate XML internationalization specifications

  o notes that at this time, these specifications are not finalized but expects that the errata for the RDF specifications will be updated to identify the specifications and provide guidance on their application to RDF literals.

  o notes, that whilst no processing model for RDF is defined, RDF processing is expected to conform to the XML policy of early uniform normalization.

14: IRI's
Wheras nodes in an RDF graph are labelled with URI's and the standards for internationalization of URI's are not yet stable

Propose the WG:

  1) resolves that nodes in RDF graphs are labelled with standard web identifiers

  2) resolves that the current standard web identifier is a URI as defined by RFC 2396

  3) resolves that resolution 2 above may be updated by an errata to the specifications as new standards evolve.

15: daml:collection

16: Schedule Review
Do we believe the schedule is achievable?


This agenda was produced by Jema, the Jena WG assistant
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