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[action completion] W3C URI Persistence Policy

[ALL] agenda (updated) Boston ftf

[ALL] agenda 24 March telecon

[ALL] agenda 24 March telecon - PORT Actions

[ALL] apdate #2: agenda Boston ftf

[ALL] editors draft of simple part-whole note ready for review

[ALL] March 10 telecon CANCELLED

[ALL] new Editor's draft of classes as values available

[ALL] proposal to publish XSCH WD

[ALL] proposed resolution httpRange-14

[ALL] Re: [XSCH] new editors draft

[ALL] versioning

[all] Volunteer Needed for Tutorial Page

[Chat] UMBC Semantic Web Reference Card

[Fwd: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender]

[Fwd: Re: Question scenario RDF in XHTML]

[OEP, ALL] Naming Conventions for OWL code

[OEP] Action: Split out Note Conventions

[OEP] Classes as Values - A detailed review

[OEP] Classes as Values - Abstract

[OEP] Comments on Specified Values Note

[OEP] list of terms from the classes as values note

[OEP] naming CaV patterns [was: new Editor's draft of classes as values available]

[OEP] naming CaV patterns [was: new Editor's draft of classes as valuesavailable]

[OEP] new Editor's draft of classes as values available

[OEP] new Editor's draft of classes as values available - TITLE of NOTE

[OEP] simple part-whole note new draft

[OEP] slightly reworked auto BillofMaterial for part-whole note

[PORT] mapping

[PORT] moving SKOS Core fwd

[PORT] SKOS Core spec and guide (was RE: A problem RE: Dereferencing SKOS Core)

[PORT] SKOS maintenance policy - 1/2 ("minor errata")

[PORT] SKOS maintenance policy - 2/2 (substantive comments)

[rdftm, port, etc] another example: William and Chet

[RDFTM] comments on survey

[RDFTM] Review of Survey Document

[SE,ALL] Invited Expert Needed

[SE] Agenda of the SETF telecon today

[SE] Comments on Draft Note

[SE] Draft Note - Initial changes following first informal meeting at tech plenary


[SE] More Comments on Draft Note

[SE] ODA draft available from the SE homepage

[SE] Outcome to Telecon 16th March 2005

[SE] Outcome to Telecon 29 March 2005

[SE] Reviewers Needed

[SE] Suggested agenda for next telecon (Tues 15th March 1pm EST)

[SETF] recommended members


[XSCH] new editors draft

archived IRC log for the f2f

comment - RDFTM: Survey of Interoperability Proposals

comment on new draft of RDFTM Survey

Comments on "Survey of RDF/Topic Maps"

FAQ Editor

Latest version of ODA note

Latest version of SE Draft

meeting record: 2005-03-03 Boston F2F

possible DRAFT msg to TAG

Putting server added information to the result?

R:comment - RDFTM: Survey of Interoperability Proposals

RDFTM comments: DanC

RDFTM comments: Noy

RDFTM comments: Swick

RDFTM comments: Uschold

RDFTM comments: Wood

RDFTM Disposition of Comments

RDFTM Disposition of Comments (RDFTM-DC001)

RDFTM slides as presented by Steve

RDFTM: New draft of Survey

RDFTM: Sort keys in RDF

RE : regrets for thursday telecon

regrets for Thursday 3/24

regrets for thursday telecon

Regrets for Thursday's telcon

Review of RDFTM Survey

RFC 3066bis and the Semantic Web

Specified values

SW / ontology in telecommunication field

SWBPD WG Resolution Regarding httpRange-14


telco next week

telecon regrets for thurs march 24

Typo in Approach 4?

value partitions

VM Task Force slides from f2f

W3C Persistence Policy and SKOS Core Vocabulary spec

What do HTTP URIs Identify?

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