Re: [rdftm, port, etc] another example: William and Chet

* Christopher Welty <> [2005-03-08 10:25-0500]
> I think the issue of identification is both important and extremely 
> difficult.  I suggest that this is big enough to be a task force in 
> itself.

I can see a case for that, except we have a load of TFs already. Maybe 
it can be queued up for when some of the others terminate?

There's a basic level of non-URI identification that's achievable just 
using OWL 'InverseFunctionalProperty'. We could do worse than push out
a little note on that... (though in fact there are some issues around 
change over time un-addressed by the OWL semantics which can bite when
using OWL IFP for identification, so even that seemingly modest task
could blow up into something bigger...


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