RE: [ALL] proposed resolution httpRange-14

I'm being a bit picky here and don't mind if things don't change and
don't mind if the chair regards these as too picky to be worth the
bandwidth of discussing ...

> | 
> | 
> | This issue is impacting the work of the following SWBPD WG 

We haven't named the issue in the message.  The message might begin
something like

[[Wheras the TAG have not yet resolved httpRange-14, ...]]

> Task Forces:
> |      - Vocabulary Management
> |      - Porting Thesauri
> |      - WordNet

Is wordnet affected by the issue with respect to naming properties?  I
didn't think so.  The problem is scale when naming resources.  Suggest:

[[The lack of resolution of httpRange-14 is impacting the work of the
following ...]]


Received on Tuesday, 22 March 2005 19:02:46 UTC